225 Slant 6 One Wire Alternator (GM) Conversion Bracket Set
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Zombie Performance GM One Wire Alternator Conversion Bracket Set for MOPAR 225 Slant 6!

Works with the stock passenger side mounting locations and works off of the original lower mounting bracket.

Just bolt it up and eliminate all the extra wiring and run the one power wire.

Depending on pulley sizes this will require a shorter belt. Napa 25-7570 (13/32" x 57-5/8") belt has been working for my cars.

Comes with mounting hardware.

Available in: powder coated black $50 or Raw Steel $40


This Bracket set allows you to be able to adjust the alternator up and down should you need additional clearance as there are many different vehicle combinations running these motors. My A-Body Mopars like to have the alternator mounted as low as possible in the adjustment.

Once you find the ideal mounting location and make sure that the alternator is in alighnment ,you will lock down the lower mounting bolt that attaches to the oem mount on the engine. If servicing or removing the alternator is ever required, leave this bolt tight in its location and you will not loose your adjustment.

  • Item #: 225 slant 6 One Wire Kit

225 Slant 6 One Wire Alternator (GM) Conversion Bracket Set

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