3/8's AR500 SILHOUETTE TARGET w/mount
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Zombie Performance AR500 Silhouette Target with mount!

3/8's thick ar500 steel.

9in x 20in dimensions (2/3 ispc target)

Comes with free hanging 2x4 lumber mount to help reduce bullet impact and let the target ring when it is impacted.

Combine with our custom adjustable light weight stand (shown, but not included) or shooting stake mounts for a complete package.

Excellent for pistol or rifle ammo at the appropriate shooting distance.

Recomended Shooting distance:

Pistols 10yds min

Rifles 100yds min

Magnum or hi velocity rounds 200yds min

*Practice regular firearms saftey at all time.

We have extensivly tested these plates and intentionally tried to damage them. We were only able to produce some slight dents and minor chipping and that damage was only when we shot at the plates with hi velocity rounds and at closer than recommended ranges. Pictured are .306 and green tip 5.56 at 50 and 100yds. 

To date, these have held up to the following at 100yds:

22lr, 9mm, 45acp, 55grain 5.56, 62grain "green tip" 5.56, 7.62x39 ball, 7.62x39 steel core, .308/7.62x51.



3/8's AR500 SILHOUETTE TARGET w/mount

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