AR400 Dualing Tree WELDERS KIT!
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Zombie Performance Original AR400 Dualing Tree Welders Kit!

Kit Comes with:

- 4 or 6qty 6in diameter AR400 targets

- Target Arms for each target

- Target pivots and Hardware

- Upright stand mounts

- Horozontal base stand mounts

Just add 2in x 2in .250 angle iron and cut to desired lengths and weld together. Mounting tabs are welded to the angle iron and then the rest will be a slip fit for easy disassembly, trasportation, and storage.

*AR400 plates are 1/4in thick and will hold up to standard pistol calibers such as 9mm, 45acp, .38spcl, and .357mag.

(TARGETS ARE TOO HEAVY FOR 22LR. Please email me for 22 caliber target set.

** Recomend about a 10ft length of 2in x 2in .250 angle iron to complete the stand.

25in x 2 angle iron legs

One 24in center stand 

One 46in upright.

Can be modified to your liking. Maybe go taller on the upright to keep the bottom targets away from the base and or wider at the base for more stability if desired.

Recomend welding targets 6in or more apart from each other.

  • Item #: AR400 Dualing Tree WELDERS KIT

AR400 Dualing Tree WELDERS KIT!

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