Bend-A-Licious Pullbacks (WIDE)
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Zombie Performance Bend-A-Licious Pullbacks WIDE Motorcycle Handlebars!

Curvy and sexy with a lot of Pullback for a Rabbit ear grip position.

Wider center for springers, wider clamp spacing, or anyone just wanting a wider profile.

1in .120 wall tube (TBW option will be .095 wall)

10in, 12in, or 14in tall

8in grips

5in clamp center

22in wide

13in pullback 

Available in raw steel, powdercoated, or brushed 304 stainless (stainless in 1in bars only)

*please allow extra time for powdercoating, stainless, or any wirng mods

  • Item #: BendaPullbackWIDE

Bend-A-Licious Pullbacks (WIDE)

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