Riserless Handlebar Mounting Kit for METRIC Motorcycles
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Riserless Handlebar Mounting kit for METRIC Motorcycles

Always use new riser bolts when installing new handlebars.

Make installation of your new handlebars easy with this kit.

***This kit is required when installing riserless handlebars on your Honda since the factory clamps use studs that can not be removed.***

Fits: HONDA SHADOW 600, 750, and 1100 motorcycles and handlebars tapped for 12-1.75mm riser bosses

(XS650s, and other metric models have yet to be confirmed for bolt length)

Hardware kit comes with:

2qty 12x1.75x70mm grade 8 riser bolts

2qty flat washers

2qty split lock washers

*Kit does NOT work on standard HD Motorcycles.

**Recommended that you still use loctite and proper torque specs when installing your new handlebars.

  • Item #: RS METRIC Mounting Kit

Riserless Handlebar Mounting Kit for METRIC Motorcycles

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